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Welcome to the multiplayer, open-world of MiniState. Wage war, trade, and forge alliances to build the greatest nation the world will ever know.

PERSISTENCE[edit | edit source]

All players coexist in a single, massive, ever-expanding world. The world is never reset, allowing nations to stand the test of time.

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EXPAND[edit | edit source]

Collect resources and construct new, impressive structures over the days, weeks, and months.

Building | Resource | Territory

WARFARE[edit | edit source]

Fight battles on instanced maps. Plan your attacks and prepare your defenses!

Army | Battle

TRADE[edit | edit source]

Trade with your neighbors to gain the upper hand. Monopolize rare resources and conquer vital waterways to control global trade.

Sea Port | Trade Ship

DIPLOMACY[edit | edit source]

Establish a federation to unite your friends into a single mighty empire.

Federation | Messaging

CUSTOMIZATION[edit | edit source]

Create custom national anthems, flags, and leader profiles to make the nation yours.


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